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04 Jan2021
Regular maintenance of a rental property is an important part of being a landlord or a property owner. It’s essential you make sure the rental property is up to code and in good condition for tenants. [...] Read More...


09 Dec2020
Can you afford to replace an entire roof or install a new hot water system? If the answer is no, you really need to budget better. From regular maintenance to emergencies, make sure you’re ready for the [...] Read More...

Who’s Responsible? Tree Trimming

02 Jun2014
Major work such as tree lopping is usually carried out by the lessor/agent as part of their obligation to keep the premises in good repair. Generally, this type of work is not carried out on a regular basis and [...] Read More...

There is a skill in selecting the right tenant

02 Jun2014
Selecting the right tenant is not as simple as it may seem. As a property management agency with many years’ experience, we have learnt that there are some tenants who try to work the application process and [...] Read More...

WINDOW LOCKS a national concern

01 Jun2014
Each year, around 50 children fall from windows or balconies in Australia, which is almost one a week. Many suffer serious injuries and sometimes these falls are fatal. Children aged between one and five are [...] Read More...