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01 Feb 2021


It’s Not Just New Builds That Can Claim

Many property investors believe that only the owners of new buildings can benefit and claim Tax Depreciation deductions. But that’s not true, depending on the age of the building, you may be able to make a claim. Our expert team can advise you on whether your building qualifies for a tax break.


Two Key Areas you can Claim

Property owners can claim on capital works which is carried out to your property. This includes: structural components like walls, doors, roofs and tiles. You can also claim on Plant and equipment depreciation which covers: carpets, blinds and hot water systems.


Yes you can Back-Claim

If you have held your investment property for a number of years but didn't realise you could be claiming depreciation on it, you have effectively over-paid your taxes and you are entitled to claim back the over-payment from the ATO. Our specialists at The Rental Managers can help you lodge your claim.  


You’ll need a Depreciation Schedule to make a Claim

It sounds complex but leave it to us and we’ll create a Depreciation Schedule that accurately portrays the level of Depreciation of your investment property so you can make a full and successful claim.

Knowing the full letter of the law and staying up to date with new regulations, allows us to help you get move from your valuable investment property. We understand the challengers you are facing and will do everything we can to minimise stress and successfully manage your investment property.

Would you like to know more about claiming Tax Depreciation on your investment property? Call our friendly team at The Rental Managers on 07 4755 1800 and we’d be happy to answer all your questions and arrange a no obligation consultation.