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02 Jun 2014

Who’s Responsible? Tree Trimming

Major work such as tree lopping is usually carried out by the lessor/agent as part of their obligation to keep the premises in good repair.

Generally, this type of work is not carried out on a regular basis and is more likely to require specialist knowledge or equipment, such as ladders.

Lessors/agents and tenants should discuss the pruning of trees and shrubs.

Major pruning would generally be the responsibility of the lessor/agent, whereas the tenant would generally be responsible for straightforward pruning, along with other general yard jobs such as mowing, edging and weeding.

Tenants are not required to have any special knowledge about gardening and this should be considered when the garden is in an above average condition or contains plants that require special care (e.g. hedges).

Lessors should ensure that any special arrangements about the maintenance of gardens and lawns are listed in the tenancy agreement.