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01 Jun 2014

WINDOW LOCKS a national concern

Each year, around 50 children fall from windows or balconies in Australia, which is almost one a week. Many suffer serious injuries and sometimes these falls are fatal.

Children aged between one and five are most at risk as they are too young to judge the potential danger.

With this in mind it is important for landlords to be aware of window locks when considering presenting your property in a safe condition for the tenants to reside.

Legislation states that landlords must provide and maintain locks necessary to ensure that the property is reasonably secure.

While it is not a legal requirement for landlords to provide window locks, our agency strongly recommends that every property has these installed to protect you in times of potential litigation should there be an injury.

This small, tax-deductible expense can save lives.

If you would like our agency to organise this on your behalf, please feel welcome to contact our property management department.